Nativity Sets on Display Until January 7

We have such a unique display in Great Falls – wish I would have written about it sooner when I first visited there a few weeks ago!

Local Great Falls resident Carol Olthoff has collected nativity sets for many, many years. She has received them as gifts, purchased them and then sometimes she just “finds” them!

Her husband and her son have their insurance offices on the main floor of the Columbus Center, 1601 2nd Avenue North, in Great Falls. They have a hallway leading in to their offices and this becomes Carol’s nativity “showroom” for about a month each year.

When the hallway became full someone donated an enclosed, tall glass display case that sits in the building’s main hall entrance. It is also full of nativities.

I asked Carol how many nativities she has – well, she has over 600 of them displayed this year and there are still a few more in storage.

It takes her almost 2 weeks (working every day) to get them unpacked and set up in this display area. Truly, a labor of love for Carol.

The next chore will be taking them down, carefully packing them and putting them back in storage.

Carol’s nativities will be displayed until January 7th (closed on Sunday) and the area is open from noon until 7pm.

I could have spent much longer viewing the nativities. It’s a bit overwhelming to just do a walk-through so if you get a chance to go, be sure to allow some time. I took plenty of photos but I particularly liked these two displays because of their unique design.

There is no charge to view the nativities. Carol says sharing them is her gift to the community.

Pretty nice gift! Thanks Carol.

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