Native American Art Show Features Student

My weekend became consumed with art shows! The Great Falls Native American Art Show held at the Civic Center was on my list for Saturday’s treks. As expected, I saw a great variety of artwork.

The featured student artist, Kristen Hirst, was at her booth when I stopped by. On Friday she had sold 10 pieces of her art and, to say the least, she was very pleased.

She posed by her favorite painting of brightly colored horses. As you can see, Kristen paints varied subjects and she has both traditional and contemporary styles.

Kristen is a senior at Valier, MT High School so graduation is on her mind right now, along with all of the work it took to get ready for this art show, several sports including golf league, school studies – you name it and this talented girl seems to be involved.

While art is a great outlet for her, she’s keeping all options open for future career plans. College is on her horizon and the world is her palette.



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