My Horse is Named Black Hawk

Our group wandered over to the corral and our horses were saddled and ready to ride. Laura, our wrangler, and owner Chuck Blixrud, have chosen our horses and mine is named Black Hawk. I look him over and instantly like him although he is tall, very tall.

We are dressed warm today but there is no rain and when the sun comes out we feel nice and warm. Just in case, we pack rain gear.

Today we plan to do an all day ride so the kitchen crew packed sack lunches for us. I keep thinking I should be bringing more gear, more stuff, along but I’m not sure what it would be. Just the thought of an all day ride makes me want to start packing!



Chuck snapped a photo of our group before we left the corral. There is a strong wind and I am hoping it doesn’t blow some unplanned weather in. My worries were for nothing though. We could not have had a more beautiful day. Our coats stayed on all day, we all had several layers on, but when we started climbing the mountainside we were in the trees and we were protected from the wind.

As we climbed in elevation we came to several mountain meadows and everything was amazingly green. OK, the rain isn’t all bad!

Of course, Laura knew the way but at times there wasn’t a trail so I was thankful she was leading us upward. And I was thankful for Black Hawk! What a great horse. I liked him and I hope he liked me.


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