More Quilting Thoughts

As I drove home from the quilting party in Valier I thought about how many of the communities in Russell Country have quilt shops. The size of the town doesn’t seem to make a lot of difference – quilters travel for miles, even to locations in the country – to purchase fabric and connect with other quilters. Quite a network!

Nine quilt shops in the tourism region organized a Russell Country Quilting Trail last year. They include Creative Needle in Shelby, Rock City Quilts in Valier, Cotton Capers in Choteau, Quilting Hen in Carter, Diana’s Quilts-N-Things in Harlowton, Heritage Quilting in Havre and Big Sky Quilts, The Quilt-Away and Bernina Silver Thimble in Great Falls. I’ve visited almost all of the shops and they all seem to have different personalities.

If you are a quilter, or if you know a quilter, I suspect they’d be pretty excited to follow Russell Country’s Quilting Trail!


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