More Golf in Great Falls

We’re back in Great Falls and we decided to play the two municipal courses again – Anaconda Hills Golf Course and Eagle Falls Golf Course.

Connie Caouette, golf pro at the two courses, played with us this time. This is a great photo of her teeing off on the back nine at Anaconda Hills. When she hit that ball it really flew!

Many years ago Anaconda Hills Golf Course was privately owned by the Anaconda Copper Mine and it was used exclusively for their employees. When they closed in 1980 everything was shuttered. Years later the land was deeded to the City of Great Falls.

The Park & Recreation department of the City of Great Falls manages both courses and works to continually improve play.

It had been a long day. We played 9 holes of golf in Lewistown, then drove 100 miles back to Great Falls. After squeezing in afternoon play at Anaconda Hills, then dinner at Borries Restaurant we were absolutely exhausted.

The next day found us eager to be back on the golf course again though!

This time we played 18 holes at Eagle Falls Golf Course and managed to talk Connie in to playing with us again.

This photo shows one of my golf buddies putting with a water hazard in the background. All in all, it’s a pretty setting at Eagle Falls.

Both of Great Falls’ municipal courses are vastly different. Anaconda Hills is a shorter course with lots of hills (hence, the name!).

Eagle Falls is great for those golfers with long drives. The course was renamed a few years ago after some course upgrades. Black Eagle falls are nearby and the golf course derives its name from that.

Our weather started out chilly at Eagle Falls and I was a kind of cold, even with a jacket on. Obviously, I wasn’t swinging clubs like the others but you could sense a bit of fall weather. Once the sun was out strong it turned in to a beautiful day though.

We had played a LOT of golf in the last seven days and I think we had some sore shoulders and basically tired muscles all over.

My golf buddies were troopers though. Each time we finished a round of golf they asked where we were headed next!

After golfing Anaconda Hills and Eagle Falls Golf Courses in Great Falls we had just one more game – 9 holes at Signal Point Golf Course in Fort Benton. One of the guys had golfed there but it would be new for another guy. And, I can always use one more chance to putt!

Next stop, Fort Benton.

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