Montana Winter Fair-Quilt Show

It’s called the Montana Winter Fair and it will take place in several areas of Lewistown, MT this coming weekend. But, judging for the quilt show portion of the winter fair has already happened.

This quilt was so unique and I decided it would be a fun one to use in my blog. And, as you can see, it has a top prize pinned to it!

About 35 quilts were entered in the quilt competition. Quilts are displayed at the Lewistown Art Center on Main Street in Lewistown. They will be displayed until January 29th.

The Montana Winter Fair will start this Thursday, January 27 and run through Sunday, January 30. Besides a quilt show, you will be able to see livestock, a fiddlers competition, farm forum, commercial exhibits, chocolate display (yum), photography and stock dog trials.

If you get to the Lewistown Art Center and have a spare dollar, here’s a quilt that is being raffled.

Staff at the art center would be happy to take that spare dollar and give you a chance at winning this beautiful gold and blue quilt!



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