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My beer flight at Mighty Mo Brew Pub

It was 2013 when Mighty Mo Brewing Company established their brewery in downtown Great Falls. It quickly became a great gathering place, lunch place, dinner location, beer drinking place and more.

Two guys, one great idea, that sums it up, but I’m sure it took a lot of hard work to get to opening day.

Mighty Mo, which is also how locals refer to the Missouri River, is located in a historic building right on Great Falls‘ original thoroughfare of Central Avenue. If you drove Central Avenue to the Civic Center, veered a block north, then turned west, you’d cross the Missouri River…the “Mighty Mo” river as it winds it’s way through Great Falls, hugging the original townsite.

The brewery has a rich historic feel but it also has a trendy vibe. In addition to the main floor there is seating on a mezzanine and during summer months a pedlet on Central Avenue offers outdoor seating. When you enter Mighty Mo your senses tell you right away that you have just entered a place that serves great pizza! Walk past the pizza-creation area

Dam Fog brew, an American Wheat Ale

and you’ll see the bar where you select your brew (and order food).

First, let’s talk beer.

Keeping with the Missouri River theme, you’ll see on Mighty Mo Brewing Company’s website that there are Mo’s Keepers and Mo’s Catch and Release (seasonal brews). On the Catch and Release menu I’ve tried Rising Trout (a pale ale that I liked) and also Pelican Point Porter (my palate doesn’t fancy a porter) but the name is after a favorite spot upstream on the Missouri.

The other evening I had a beer flight and they are all served in…you guessed it…a wooden cutout of a trout. I made choices mostly for contrast in a photo (yes, I did) but I usually order Dam Fog, an American wheat beer, and that was my first selection for the flight. It’s served with a lemon slice for garnish but that’s not why I ordered it, I like the brew!

The rest of my flight included Lip Ripper (India Pale Ale 7% ABV, 78 IBU), Cloudblast Hazy (IPA, 6% ABV, 44 IBU and it does look a bit cloudy), and Smoke Jumper (Scotch ale, dark in color 6.4ABV, 21IBU). I took sips from all of them and for my regular sized glass of beer chose Dam Fog.

The brewing process at Mighty Mo

If you’re interested in the working/brewing end of Mighty Mo, a few years ago a video was done starting with harvesting Montana malt barley near Conrad, then going to Mighty Mo and seeing the brewing process. Watch it here.

Ongoing events are critical to restaurants and breweries and Mighty Mo has done a superb job of coordinating those. Mondays at the brewery are Raise A Pint nights where a designated organization receives $1 for each pint of beer sold. By drinking a brew, I’ve supported the Great Falls Symphony, Family Promise organization, Great Falls Public Library and several more! On Tuesdays and Thursdays there are discounts on pints of beer from 4-6pm, with pizza specials from 6-8pm on Tuesday. You’ll hear live music on Thursday evening.

New to the lineup of events is Natural Wine Wednesday where you can purchase wine by the glass from

Favorite pizza, veggie variety and there are many other options

select vintages. Tap wine happy hour is from 4-6pm. I haven’t tried wine at Mighty Mo yet but it’s on my radar. I’m thinking this must have been a big step, one that doesn’t fit all breweries, but probably customer driven. White Claw seltzer has also been introduced on the menu.

If you are looking for a quick and reasonable lunch, there are different combos including slices of pizza, house salad and beverage. I’ve tried several of their salads for dinner and they are definitely a meal. My favorite pizza is an all vegetable/garden variety one and there are many more to choose from. If you like to make a meal out of an appetizer, order the nachos and recruit a friend to help eat that. You won’t be disappointed!

Mighty Mo Brewing Company’s hours are 11am – 10pm Sunday through Thursday and 11am -11pm Friday and Saturday. They are located at 412 Central Avenue in downtown Great Falls and the brewery is family friendly.

View from Mighty Mo’s mezzanine level

Mighty Mo’s tag line is Great Beer, Great Food, Great Atmosphere, Great People. Go see for yourself!


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