Lewistown’s Amazing Architecture

I was in Lewistown this past week (twice) and was absolutely captivated by the architecture there. I found out that the town was originally settled by Croation stone masons and you can definitely see the results of their work still standing.

As I drove down Boulevard Street (it has a boulevard in the middle of it) I happened to notice a church on one of the side streets. It was built of stone and several sides of the church were covered in vines. Since it’s October some of the vine had begun to change colors. Wow, what a beautiful sight. And, as you can see from the photo, it was a beautiful day. I stopped and took several photos.

A little more research taught me that Lewistown has several historic districts. The more you drive around town the more old stone buildings you notice.

If you are heading to Lewistown, take some time to drive both the business and residential areas. Better yet, take a stroll and you won’t have traffic behind you like I did!

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