Lewistown Has Two Golf Courses

We are at our third golf course of the day – Judith Shadows Golf Course near Lewistown.

When I started planning this extensive golf tour of north central Montana I had a perfect plan to golf 27 holes a day – one 9 hole course and one 18 hole course.

Well, by time you work around a few golf tournaments, a few cross country meets held at the courses and shorter fall daylight hours, things change a bit.

That’s how we ended up splitting our time at Judith Shadows Golf Course and golfing 9 of their 18 holes one evening and the other 9 holes the next morning.

One plus in doing that is having beautiful light for photography, both in the evening and morning.

The photo above shows one of my golf buddies teeing off on either hole number one or hole number two at Judith Shadows. You can see the community of Lewistown in the background.

Judith Shadows Golf Course was built in 1997 so it’s still a young course. With all of the moisture the area received this spring and summer the owners have had to deal with a lot of water issues on the course. Sometimes you want water, other times it pops up in the wrong place!

The golf course sits in the shadows of the nearby Judith Mountain range, hence the name. It is a beautiful setting.

The course is owned by Jeff and Maria Whitcraft of Lewistown.

This photo shows Maria explaining some details about Judith Shadows with the clubhouse in the background, nestled in front of the Judith Mountains.

Once the sun started to fade the temps also dropped. We didn’t have any wind though so the weather was still pleasant.

And, the light just kept getting better for photos!

I took this photo when we were close to the ninth hole. Connie Fry who heads up the Lewistown Area Chamber of Commerce golfed with us and she was a fun and enthusiastic golfer.

More to come about our 18 holes at Judith Shadows!

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