Lewistown Gearing Up For Cowboy Poetry

I was in Lewistown, MT last week and stopped to see what was happening at the Yogo Inn. I had seen a banner sign as I drove by, held by two bear statues, and it was promoting the Montana Cowboy Poetry Gathering. The 26th annual gathering I might add!

The Montana Cowboy Poetry Gathering starts today and it goes through Sunday. I went last year and plan to spend part of Saturday at it this year. For some, the main attraction will be a Saturday evening old-time cowboy music concert headlined by Riders In The Sky. Others will go to hear over 53 hours of music and poetry.

Lewistown is the geographic center of Montana – a fact proudly touted by the Yogo Inn. One of their meeting rooms is the Centermark Room which is billed as THE center. The community has about 6,000 people and it is surrounded by several island mountain ranges. Take a look in just about any direction and you’ll see mountains!

When I was in Lewistown I saw quite a few out of state license plates (maybe I was born to be a researcher). I wondered what drew them to Lewistown – it could be the mountains, particularly if you come from the Dakotas which are fairly flat. It could be fishing, not just fishing…fishing in an idyllic setting! Hiking, mountain biking and camping seem to go along with the terrain near Lewistown so it could have been that too. Whatever it was, town was hopping!

I suspect things will be busy this weekend with the cowboy poetry gathering. When I went to the gathering last year I was thinking of buying a souvenir from the western gear and art show. Two friends and I wandered around it and each of my friends found some smaller items to purchase for kids and grandkids. I found a sofa table and I was determined to get that squeezed in my car for the ride back to Great Falls. I’m happy to report that I succeeded and I still love that table!

I’ll take my camera along and maybe you’ll see some cowboy poetry photos next week!

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