Lewis & Clark Portage With A View

Just a couple miles south of Great Falls is an area set aside where the Lewis & Clark expedition completed their portage and rejoined the Missouri River.

The views are stunning since the landscape is still pretty wide open. You can see the Little Belt Mountains in the background and rolling plains in front. Ironically, there are homes with small acreage all throughout this area.

The Missouri River would be on the right of this photo, meandering towards Great Falls.

There are several interpretive panels at this location and a gravel parking area.

If you were at Holiday Village Shopping Mall in Great Falls and followewd 13th Street south for about 30 blocks you would then make a right turn at 40th Avenue. The interpretive area is really just a few minutes beyond the city limits of Great Falls.

Lots of history – all within easy reach. Take a few minutes some day and head out to learn more about the Lewis & Clark expedition’s portage around the waterfalls in Great Falls.

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