Ledger Art Exhibit Opens

Tonight I went to the opening of a ledger art exhibit titled “Conflict, Courtship, Ceremony, and The Chase. Paris Gibson Square Museum of Art is hosting the exhibition and it’s well worth a visit.

Nineteen artists have ledger art displayed and some of them have several pieces. A standing-room-only opening lecture featured presentations by Monte Yellow Bird, Sr., Terrance Guardipee and Alaina Buffalo Spirit. After the presentations Terrance Guardipee explained one of his pieces on display.

What I learned from Terrance – his ledger art typically features one main image (a simple person he called it). They usually have shielded eyes (this one did also) and that allows the spirit to be present. Various colors depict power. Other symbols in this ledger art piece were depicting beaver bundles, elk teeth and thunder. There were many more interesting things to point out in his art and Terrance enthusiastically talked about them. This piece is titled “Medicine Hat” and was completed in 2013.

Guardipee’s ledger art has placed first in the Santa Fe Indian Art Market ledger art  since that category began in 2009.

Admission to Paris Gibon Square is free thanks to a substantial donation from Farmers Union Insurance. The Square is located at 1400 1st Avenue North in Great Falls in a restored historic building that formerly housed a school.

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