Interpretive Center Dedicated at Wahkpa Chu’gn

I’d like to start out by explaining how to say Wahkpa Chu’gn…it’s easiest to say Walk-pa Chew-gun. Learning how to spell it is a completely different story!

I was at Wahkpa Chu’gn, a bison kill site also called a buffalo jump, the end of May. An interpretive center/visitor center was under construction and we were able to get a sneak preview.

The final unveiling of the completed center was last Saturday and they’ve done a wonderful job.

A small gift shop, a counter where you can purchase tickets to tour the buffalo jump and several displays line the walls in the new center.

Owned by Hill County, the site is managed by John and Anna Brumley. John’s tie to this site goes back to when he was about twelve years old and discovered bones in the area.

John Brumley, a sought-after archaeologist, has poured his heart and soul in to this amazing archaeological site. Since I’m a complete novice at archaeology I enjoy how they have chosen to interpret the site. The soil has been cut straight down so you see the different layers – layers of history. I’ve toured the site quite a few times and each time I learn something new.

Located behind Holiday Village Mall in Havre, Wahkpa Chu’gn gets great visibility from their signage right along US Hwy 2.

To tour the actual buffalo jump site, visitors take wooden steps to the huts built over the different exhibits below. It’s a nice scenic descent as you overlook the Milk River and also the rail line.

Kudos to the managers and supporters of Wahkpa Chu’gn for a job well done in building their new interpretive center.

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