Hunting Season in Montana

Big game rifle hunting season is in full swing in north central Montana. Russell Country’s geography is varied and you’ll find mule and white tail deer, antelope, elk and more.

Antelope (pronghorn) hunting closes November 13.

I quickly stopped my car the other day to catch a fleeting photo of this¬†antelope. Gosh, these guys are fast! Although, this is the best photo I’ve taken of an antelope.

Hunting is big business in Montana. Our state Fish, Wildlife & Parks block management program helps to keep public access. Through the block management progream landowners are paid for each hunter that signs the register, typically located on one his fenceposts.

General rifle season for deer and elk closes November 27.

I also saw some mule deer when I was out for a drive the other day and they decided to pose for me. Actually, I think they were just checking me out and figured I was harmless.

I sometimes mix up mule deer and white tail deer but I’m pretty sure these are mule deer.

Whether you enjoy watching wildlife through a scope or some sightseeing binoculars, Russell Country has a good variety.

It’s no wonder it takes me so long to get where I’m going – I keep stopping to take photos!

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