Hot Springs Soak in White Sulphur Springs

Ahh…spa…a soak in the hot springs at the Spa Hot Springs Motel in White Sulphur Springs is just what I needed!

I had spent a few hours on snowshoes in the Little Belt Mountains and a soak in the hot springs was tempting me. I had planned ahead and packed my swim suit and towel although I could have rented them at the Spa Hot Springs Motel.

It was a chilly day, the late afternoon temp was about 20 degrees, and I knew I’d have a couple of brisk moments getting from the dressing room to the pool. There are two large outdoor pools, one hot and the other hotter! I chose the hottest for my first soak.

At first it seemed too hot and I was only half submerged. About 30 seconds later there was nothing but my head bobbing above water and I was loving the soothing water.

After the hottest pool I went to the not-so-hot pool, still pretty warm though. I didn’t do the hot tub but I’ve sat in in before.

Everyone seemed to be having such a good time. The crowd was mostly adults and teens but there were some younger kids with parents.

A few details if you plan to soak at the Spa Hot Springs Motel – you pay your fee ($7) at the lobby desk at the motel, sign in, and note the time you entered. Inside there are dressing rooms with a shower.

The pools were completely renovated a couple of years ago. Water in the pools actually needs to be cooled down before it is usable. There is a slight sulphur odor but most people find that it gives the body a little therapy too.

There are no chemicals added to the water in the pools and they are all drained every night, 365 days a year. That’s pretty amazing!

White Sulphur Springs was considered to be the Valley of Peace by the Native Americans who visited the area and warring tribes did not fight in the area. Backgound murals at the Spa Hot Springs pools depict the Native American influence.

If you stay overnight in one of the motel rooms at the Spa Hot Springs Motel you don’t pay to soak. But, if you just want to stop in for a soak that’s easy to do. You don’t need a reservation – just show up, pay your fee and get ready to soak!


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