Historic Calvert Hotel in Lewistown

We’ve driven through quite an amazing rainstorm and finally got to Lewistown. Our one night in Lewistown will be spent at the Historic Calvert Hotel, just a couple blocks south of Main Street in a neighborhood near the beautiful Fergus County Courthouse.

I stayed at the Calvert last October but we had already had a frost and the outside flowers didn’t look nearly as stunning as when we drove up this time. What a welcoming entrance!

When we arrived at the Calvert there were cars lining the street and I chided myself for not making a dinner reservation ahead of time. I had no idea what time we would arrive in Lewistown so I had just left it open. I was worried but everything worked out fine.

As we were checking in I quickly made our dinner reservation, then told everyone they had about 20 minutes to freshen up and meet me downstairs. Hey – it was late and I was hungry!

The Onyx is both a lounge and dining area in the lowel level of the Calvert Hotel. The Calvert was once a dormitory when area ranchers needed housing for their school children. The conversion to a hotel has been done well with beautiful tile work and just the right amount of modern furnishings to complement the historic architecture. Since this was a functional dormitory, the architecture isn’t overly showy, just well preserved.

The lower level of the Calvert has really turned out pretty. There are dining booths and the bottom of the bar is solid onyx that is backlit. The lounge and dining area were just about at capacity except for one table with our name on it!

I took this photo of the bar to show the beauty of the backlit stone.

If you get to the Calvert, check out the tile work in the bathrooms downstairs. It’s a tribute to the art of setting tile! The lodging rooms also have nice tile work – small black and white square tiles to fit with the era the hotel was built.

Next to the lounge is an atrium that can be used for a variety of small gatherings.

We were all impressed with this great renovated building. Stay tuned and I’ll tell you about our food next!

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