Great Golf at Pine Meadows

Pine Meadows Golf Course in Lewistown has some interesting challenges. First of all, there are pine trees, plenty of them, and I know the sound a golf ball makes when it hits one!

I liked the surrounding geographic features you could see from the course though. I kept asking our local golfer Scott Irvin which mountain range we were looking at and I know he told me the name of the backbround in this photo. I think these are one of the Snowy Mountain ranges, either the Big Snowy Mountains or Little Snowy Mountains.

Lewistown is the geographical center of Montana and it is surrounded by several island mountain ranges – in just about every direction you can see a different range and that’s why I get confused. Needless to say, the area is beautiful.

Pine Meadows Golf Course is fairly hilly with plenty of rolling terrain and obviously a few hazards. We had actually planned to golf it the next morning but they were hosting a cross country tournament then so we squeezed in 9 holes a day early.

I happened to notice a group of four guys ahead of us and it looked like they were having a mighty fun time. They saw me taking photos and sometimes when that happens people tend to hide or get out of the camera range. Not these guys! They said, hey, take our photo and I snapped this casual shot of them coming up over a hill. Then they said they would even pose for me so I have several photos of them.

In my opinion, these guys captured the beauty of the game. It was a weather-perfect Friday afternoon, they were enjoying being outside with friends, getting some exercise and just having a good time.

We had a wonderful time at Pine Meadows and we were impressed with the course. Scott told us they are working hard to keep the course in top-notch condition and also to promote it.

I’d say they are succeeding.

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