Great Falls’ Outdoor Art

A stroll through downtown Great Falls reminded me just how “artsy” this community is!

On my daily route to the post office I pass by the Urban Art Project located at one of the city’s parking ramps. The red banners promoting the Urban Art Project can be seen several blocks away.

Displays by different artists are in the window cases of the parking garage. The styles vary dramatically and it’s always fun to see what the artists come up with.

A recent project by the Downtown Great Falls Association was to decorate the traffic signal boxes. A design contest was held and the winners each received a stipend to paint a signal box, based on the design submitted for the contest.

What a way to dress up an otherwise drab equipment box!

This is one of my favorite decorated signal boxes.

It’s bright and easy to see from a distance while you are driving. This one is located on Central Avenue downtown.

Next time you are driving downtown in Great Falls take a few minutes to enjoy local artists work proudly displayed.

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