Great Addition to Lewistown’s Trail System

Lewistown recently installed a “trailhead” for their beautiful walking trail system.

The trailhead has a jumping fish surrounded by interpretive panels detailing the trails and also the history of Lewistown. It’s magnificent and this photo doesn’t do it justice!

Here’s what I learned when I checked out the trailhead.

There are two loops that comprise the Lewistown Trail System – the city loop and the airport loop.

The city loop is the core of the system and you can access it from the trailhead. It wanders throughout the historic center of Lewistown and connects the local high school, junior high and three elementary schools. It also passes through the Main Street business district and connects to major recreation facilities.

The trail system gives access to three natural areas that border the city center – Brewery Flats, the Frog Ponds and Machler Restoration Project which is under construction now.

The trail system really began when work was underway on the industrial area that became Brewery Flats. Then, the BNSF railroad corridor was acquired. Now, most of that rail bed has crushed gravel and is part of the trail system. Some portions of the city loop are paved.

When you are at the trailhead you can also learn history of Lewistown and read interpretive panels about Big Spring Creek fishing access sites (lots of access) and the Big Spring Creek Watershed.

The trailhead is located off Lewistown’s Main Street near the Yogo Inn.

Next time you are in Lewistown be sure to check out the trails. They are a treasure!

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