Grateful Bread A Yummy Stop

If you are on US Hwy 2 driving through Havre on your Montana vacation, allow some time to stop at Grateful Bread.

It’s located just a block from the highway in a building called the Atrium Mall. Head to the lower level to find Grateful Bread…or…just follow the wonderful aromas of fresh baked breads.

I’ve managed to stop twice at Grateful Bread in the last few weeks.

Once was a breakfast visit in search of a cinnamon roll (I was successful and consumed that roll). The second visit was closer to lunch time and I had a sandwich on thick slices of multi grain homemade bread, turkey, cucumbers, sprouts, lettuce, tomatoes and some dried cranberries. My testimonial – definitely worth another visit!

On that second visit a couple of homemade cookies were also taste-tested and they passed with flying colors!

The decor will charm you if you are as old as I am. Actually, I think anyone would like it. The restaurant is bright and cheery and it opens to the center court in the lower level of the Atrium.

I’ll be driving through Havre again this weekend and well, I may need to do another taste-test on those sandwiches. You know, just to confirm things. Or, to see if those cookes are still as good as they were the first time.

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