Fun Antique Show in Collins, MT

Last weekend I wanted to go to an antique sale organized by the Virgelle Mercantile in Collins, Montana.

I called a friend and her response was, “sure, where is Collins”? That’s a typical response when people hear the name of the town.

It really isn’t a town any more. There is a sign for the Collins road off I-15 between Great Falls and Conrad, more specifically between Dutton and Brady.

There are several farm homes after you turn off the interstate, also a new elevator which will unload grain trucks fast and a fertilizer plant.

I saw this beautiful red barn with a unique shape and had to take a photo of it.

After I turned off I-15 I drove about 5 miles on gravel to get to the antique sale. Several cars were parked outside the building where the sale was and I was eager to get inside.

The antiques were organized beautifully.

I can’t imagine moving that much furniture to this little town but that is part of the appeal of the sale. It definitely is not on the beaten path!

Homemade baked goods, fresh coffee, some pretty good buys and many interesting things too look at – all combined for a great outing to Collins, MT.

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