Fort Benton’s Lewis & Clark Statue

I was in Fort Benton the other day and took a stroll along their river levee. You could stop and take photos of things on or near the levee about every 10 feet. Great photo ops!

This statue of Meriwether Lewis, William Clark, Sacajawea and Baby Pomp (Jean Baptiste) has always been a favorite of mine. It is displayed higher than ground level so it really has an impressive appearance. And, it’s the only Lewis & Clark statue that I’ve seen that has Sacajawea’s baby portrayed.

Several things you don’t see in this photo – the Missouri River ambling by just a few feet away, the reconstructed Old Fort Benton just about a block away, lots of interpretive signage on the levee and the restored Grand Union Hotel at the opposite end of the levee.

Fort Benton has a variety of lodging options and price ranges for spending the night there. Same goes for dining. It’s a neat little town with probably close to 1,500 people living there.

In fact…we have a LOT of neat little towns in north central Montana. Don’t wait for an event to lure you off the beaten path. Stop in and have a cup of coffee (and maybe some pie) and chat with the locals.

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