Fort Benton is a Model T Mecca

If you didn’t realize that the Montana Model T 500 was happening in Fort Benton last week you’d think you had stepped back in time!

The group is a touring association – no keeping these beauties hidden. They have actual road races and the vehicle has to be authentic. To prove the authenticity of the vehicle, the top three race winners have their engines examined to make sure they didn’t put some high-revving parts on in an effort to win the race. No steroids allowed on these cars!

The owner of this 1927 Ford Deluxe Roadster took a few minutes to set up a pretty neat photo. He parked his roadster in front of an old-time gas station that is part of Fort Benton’s “Homestead Village” recreated behind their Ag Museum. I’ve walked by this gas station display many times and it is the perfect backdrop for this beautiful model T.

More than three dozen Model T cars, their drivers and friends descended on the historic community of Fort Benton. From the Grand Union Hotel (built in 1882) to the Old Fort and the museum complex, this community was a perfect setting for the fun-loving Model T owners.

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