For the Love of Neon

The last time I was in Shelby I took a few minutes to stroll down Main Street and gawk at all of the uber-cool neon signs.

Shelby’s Main Street is dressed to the nines with retro neon signs, all pointing to locally owned small businesses.

Some of my favorites include The Mint sign (lounge), Sports Club (lounge and restaurant), The Alibi (lounge) and The Roxy (theater sign). And, these businesses are all still operating.

I’m sure there would be some good stories behind each sign, also behind each of these small businesses that have weathered many ups and downs in the economy.

Shelby sits at the crossroads of US Hwy 2 and I-15. It’s well worth an exit off the interstate or a diversion from traveling US 2. The best time to enjoy the neon signs would be evening, not super dark but just enough to see the glow. Even during full daylight hours they are interesting to look at.

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