Driving With Dixie – The Prelude

In just a couple of days, two grandmas from northeastern Montana will take three grandkids on a tour of the Montana Dinosaur Trail. There are 15 attractions on the trail and we anticipate they will cover about 925 miles from Ekalaka to Bozeman. This doesn’t count getting the group to Ekalaka or getting back to northeastern Montana from Bozeman.

Here’s Grandma Dixie and she has agreed to post daily blogs, also some photos of the group as they do this dinosaur marathon.

It will be somewhat like a reality show of this family group as they see if they can survive this many miles in Dixie’s rented van. Here’s her first posting, full of excitement and anticipation.

Hello everyone, I am a grandma who is driving the Montana Dinosaur Trail with my grandsons and sister and her grandson. This is the first time I will have been with the kids for an extended length of time without my husband or their parents along. The idea was from my sister Debbie since her grandson Ayden is six and very in to dinosaurs. She thought that my older grandsons would be interested also and what a great way to do some bonding before they get into high school.

My grandsons are Brentton, 13 and Jacob 12. Brent will be in junior high this fall so we felt that the time was right! The boys are excited about spending time with grandma. (I just made that up.)

At first we thought about RVing but after looking in to renting one we decided that we just couldn’t justify the expense. It would have been fun though. We opted to rent a 7 passenger van and get motel rooms along the way. I sent out letters to each child reminding them about what they needed to pack. I have scrapbooks and journals all ready, along with a GPS and cameras.

We will be starting out on June 26th traveling to Ekalaka, MT to see their museum and then to Glendive, MT for the evening.

Stay tuned for more on Driving With Dixie on the Montana Dinosaur Trail…Dixie


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