Driving With Dixie – First Day

Here’s our first on-the-road blog from Dixie!

Wow! What a trip!

We started out from Billings about 8am and the five of us drove to Ekalaka arriving around 12:30pm. The Carter County Museum was CLOSED. Boy, did my heart go down to my belly.

But, as we inspected further, it would reopen at 1pm and what a lovely surprise – the restaurant where we stopped for lunch was awesome!


We spent about 1 1/2 hours touring the museum. It was very interesting. The hadrosaur Anatotitian was displayed in all his glory! It is unusual to have the actual fossil posed. The boys liked the turtle, the triceratops partial skeleton and the two headed calf! They spent a lot of time examining the guns and ammunition and the Indian artifacts. The gift shop also caught their attention.

The Medicine Rocks are spectacular. We enjoyed looking at the special formations as we drove by.

In Glendive it was raining so our drive through the park was short. The Makoshika State Park Visitor Center was great; so modernally displayed and so much information in a small area, yet enough space to hold many visitors. The boys liked the Mosasaur but I really got a feeling for the size of the triceratops skull! It was huge! Looking forward to tomorrow with the Dinosasur Museum in Glendive and then Jordan!

We had an interview with Cindy from the Glendive Ranger newspaper during dinner.

As we checked in to the hotel I realized that the boys had limited hotel experience…almost none. So this is really an experience for them as well as Debbie and me.

On the trail, Dixie

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