Double Barrel Opens In Great Falls

Cranberry sugar cream pie

Double Barrel Coffee House Café opened less than a month ago and I’d say they’ve already found their groove. I stopped by the other day to visit with Reba and find out their background and plans for the future.

Our fall-like temperatures had dropped and I was yearning for something baked, something sweet, and I had heard they would be serving pie. My first question as I was welcomed into Double Barrel Coffee House Café was…do you serve pie? The answer, of course they do! Now what kind would I like?

I’ve eaten a lot of varieties of pie as Central Montana’s Pie a la Road pie trail has developed but I had never heard of sugar cream pie. There were other kinds available but I was intrigued by this new one and opted for cranberry sugar cream pie.

My first question to Reba, the pie baker, was “what all goes in to sugar cream pie?”

Daily menu at Double Barrel Coffee House Café

The answer was simple – sugar and cream. You mix them together and the batter is fairly liquid. Then it goes in the pie shell followed by the fruit toppings (there are several kinds and they change seasonally). The filling thickens some as it bakes and also a bit more after it comes out of the oven. So simple – so delicious!

Reba grew up making pies and uses her mother’s recipes. She made pies and sold them at farmer’s markets in her home state of Kansas. Her husband had been in the military in Great Falls, went home to Kansas, and they decided Great Falls was where they wanted to open this business venture.

Since it was late afternoon, and I don’t drink coffee that late in the day, I didn’t sample the coffee. They serve Black Rifle Coffee, a company that is veteran owned and veteran operated. The beans for each cup are fresh ground and brewed when ordered. I’ll be back for coffee!

Double Barrel Coffee House Café serves more than pie. Both savory and sweet homemade biscuits are also a

Savory and sweet biscuits

specialty. The day I was there they had a sausage, herb and cheese biscuit and a candy cane and white chocolate biscuit. They are currently experimenting with finding a good gluten free biscuit recipe. Biscuit flavors change every day and they are top-sellers at the café.

Open for breakfast, lunch and dinner, Double Barrel’s menu is extensive. From half-pound burgers to breakfast burritos to salads, I think there is something for everyone.

Stop by their location at 1500 9th Avenue South in Great Falls and see their fresh décor in the building that once had “barrel” in its name (Pickle Barrel). You’ll have to visit more than once to try their menu offerings!






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