Conrad’s Nine Hole Golf Course

We drove I-15 south from Shelby to Conrad (25 miles) for an early morning 9 holes of golf at the Pondera Golf Club.

When you are in the middle of Conrad (at the one and only stop light) you will see the brown golf directional sign. You turn north and go about 2 miles and there’s the course.

Scott Arvidson, owner of the Home Cafe in Conrad (our breakfast location the day before) was on hand to golf with us.

This course is fairly flat but there were some water hazards. Scott also mentioned one bush called the “Bullwinkle Bush” that seemed to be famous for eating golf balls. It was a pretty thick shrub and once a golf ball got in there it probably wasn’t going to come out. Scott told that story, then we teed off and, voila, Bullwinkle consumed another golf ball!

It was a quiet day at the Pondera Golf Club. Harvest was just wrapping up so most of the locals were still too busy for a leisurely game of golf.

After our 9 holes we stopped at the Lobby Cafe in Conrad for an awesome cup of fresh brewed coffee. I pointed out the historic restored Orpheum Theatre, also the old time soda fountain next door. Then we pointed our wheels south towards Great Falls and another golf course – we need to do 18 holes this afternoon to tally up our 27 hole day.

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