Chuck Fulcher – One Talented Fellow

I suppose it depends on how or when you meet Chuck Fulcher to determine what comes to mind first when you hear his name. For me, I first think of him as a talented designer. Whether it’s a 24 page booklet depicting Charlie Russell’s paintings or a gift certificate, Chuck’s talent in design and layout comes through.

Some would think Chuck’s greatest talent is in his artwork. Funky (think blue cows) and pretty paintings (pastoral scenics and flowers) line the walls of the historic renovated building in downtown Great Falls that houses Lodestone Gallery. Artistic talent and skill are obvious. Top prices and demand for the finished artwork bear that out.

But wait – there’s one more talent and that’s when a stringed instrument and microphone are near!

I had a great time listening to Chuck play at Bowser’s Brewing Company last Thursday evening. I’m not a music critic but his vocals held true and clear to the pitch, the crowd loved him and he played tunes that I like!

Chuck is playing at Bowser’s every Thursday evening. Get there early to get the best seat in the house!

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