Charlie Russell Overlooks Downtown Great Falls

I should state that better – a statue of Charlie Russell overlooks Central Avenue in downtown Great Falls. Of course, his horse Monte is there and Charlie has a very relaxed pose.

A few years ago I credited the sculptor of this statue┬áincorrectly in a print publication. That won’t happen again! The artist was Buckeye Blake who hails from Augusta, Montana. This life sized bronze was dedicated in 1986.

The location of the statue is in Davidson Plaza at the corner of Central Avenue and 3rd Street in downtown Great Falls. The plaza is a great place to relax and gaze at this rendition of Charlie Russell.

Years ago, across the avenue from where this statue stands today, you could have stopped in to The Mint saloon. It was a favorite hangout of Charlie Russell’s and the back bar from that saloon is displayed at the Russell Museum in Great Falls.

The former location of The Mint is now the Tap House Grill and Lounge and the adjoining Quality Inn.

Next time you are strolling in downtown Great Falls take a few minutes to enjoy this beautiful bronze. If you have your camera handy you could even capture a pose with Charlie and Monte.

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