Charlie Russell History

Russell Country, named after western artist Charlie Russell, has an amazing way to discover the landscapes that captivated Charlie. The Russell Auto Tour booklet uses reproductions of Russell paintings to show landscapes that you can still see today.

The route is primarily from Great Falls to Lewistown on US Hwy 87 and the state legislature has dubbed this the Charlie Russell Memorial Trail. There is also another part of the route called Memorial Loop through Utica and beyond.

When you leave Great Falls heading east you will see a sign for the Trail. Department of Transportation doesn’t allow any more signs along US Hwy 87 but when you turn at Windham to drive to Utica you will start to see the logo signs and a corresponding number below. That number corresponds to the art reproduction in the booklet where you can read the history surrounding the painting or sculpture.

This sign for the Hoover Cabin, where Charlie Russell lived with Jake Hoover, is beyond the Circle Bar Guest Ranch on a forest service road.

Near the Hoover Cabin is an interpretive sign giving information about Russell Point, a prominent and easily seen feature.

The Russell Auto Tour is a great scenic drive. It becomes a drive through history when you take the booklet along and discover tidbits about the artwork and the area when Charlie Russell painted the scene.

To receive a free copy of the booklet contact the Russell Country office at 800-527-5348.

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