It’s A Cowboy Boot Kind of Day

As one of our large art events approached last March I remembered that attendees typically dress western. As one observer said, Montana casual covers just about any kind of attire but I did notice a lot of cowboy boots at the event. In fact, there were so many, especially on women, that I began to take … Read more

Red Cowboy Boot Envy

While we were waiting for our requested evening entertainment at Pine Butte guest ranch one night, I snapped a few photos of the stunning “red boots” that one gal in our group had. I saw them the minute she deboarded her airplane flight and was I ever envious. I have to admit, she wore them … Read more

The Art of Wearing A Hat

A few days ago I said I wouldn’t wear a cowboy hat. OK, can I take that back? I happened to walk by Triple J’s gift shop and noticed some very tempting things. Tee shirts are always useful, the jewelry was unique and then, well, there were cowboy hats. Nobody was around so I decided I would … Read more