Cabin or B&B – Tough Choice

After enjoying a short canoe/kayak trip on the Missouri River near Virgelle we chose our lodging for the night – options were B&B rooms above the Virgelle Merc or the unique homestead cabins.

Hmm – tough choice for me. I really love the charm of the homestead cabins and the bath house. I was also pretty sure I would wake up at sunrise if I was in a cabin and then I’d get some great photos (if I got out of bed).

My choice ended up being the B&B room above the Merc – and I want you to know I still got up, not quite sunrise time but it was early enough to get some nice light.

Our B&B rooms were filled with antique furniture – after all, there is an antique store downstairs in the Merc! My dresser had a nice welcome basket with a small bottle of wine, chocolates and cheese. I loved the embroidered cloth napkins that said Virgelle. OK, the food and beverage weren’t bad either!

There are four sleeping rooms upstairs at Virgelle Merc B&B (all filled with antique furniture), a sitting room, breakfast nook and a shared bath. There is also a bath house next to the Mercantile building.

We ate breakfast downstairs in the main dining area. The aroma of kamut waffles, specially made sausage patties, homemade chokecherry syrup and fresh coffee wafted up the stairway to our B&B rooms and no one was late for breakfast.

A note about our food – kamut is an ancient grain that is grown locally. I love it’s nutty taste and texture. Our sausage came from Big Sandy, MT about 12 miles away and the Virgelle Merc B&B has it made to their specifications. The B&B owner’s mother makes chokecherry syrup from the berries that grow wild in this area. It was a real treat to eat these local products.

Even though I didn’t stay in a homestead cabin, I can’t resist showing a photo of one. My early morning stroll with camera in hand captured this cabin with a nice sunrise glow.

Inside each cabin you’ll see a photo of it in it’s original homestead location and there is a story about the homesteaders who “proved up” and received their free land.

Our stay at Virgelle was a step back in time. We felt relaxed and pampered and you may have guessed that we didn’t want to leave!

As we prepared to drive the eight miles back to US Hwy 87 I turned around and took a photo of the Mercantile building.

One last memory!

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