Bird Watching in Central Montana

Wow, for once I had my camera handy as I was driving on a country road.  And I had some spare time AND I saw some wildlife.

Two sandhill cranes were walking along in a stubble field, completely oblivious to me. I stopped my car, rolled the window down and took a photo. Not bad but I decided I wanted to be a bit closer.

I changed to a more powerful lens ( the only other one I have) and took some more photos. The cranes still just bobbed about the field.

Feeling pretty sure of myself, I got out of the car, quietly closed the door and walked closer. That must have been what caused the two cranes to take flight but, looking on the bright side, I was able to get a nice image of them flying!

Sandhill cranes look so awkward. With so much of their weight on their bottom half it looks like they wouldn’t be able to take flight as easily. Well, take a look at the size of their wings! That must be the offset for their heavy bottom.

I told my son I had seen the cranes and he commented that he had seen several in fields just lately too. They must be moving about or perhaps they like the fields where the grain has been cut.

I’m not sure why they are easily visible now but I’m glad I had my camera handy and I’m also glad these were patient birds!

Central Montana has so much wildlife that is very accessible. The road I was on when I saw the cranes is a paved secondary highway between Utica and Hobson, Montana with a fair amount of traffic.

I just need to slow down, have my camera handy and keep glancing about for wildlife.

Enjoy your time exploring our back roads!

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