Beaver Creek Park – Nearby Oasis

I hadn’t been out to Beaver Creek Park since last summer and as I began the drive south of Havre it brought back fond thoughts of this scenic gem.

It had rained off and on for three days before I was planning on going to Beaver Creek Park. The day I drove to the park the sun was shining brightly and all of the vegetation looked lush and green.

Beaver Creek Park is located about 10 miles south of Havre. US Hwy 2 runs right through Havre forming 1st Street and there is a sign marking the turn for the park.

The park is county owned and possibly the largest county park in the US.

Geographically, the park starts in the foothills of the Bear Paw Mountains. It is long and narrow – seventeen miles long and it seems like it is about a mile wide. The road through the park is paved which provides easy access for pulling a camper, driving a motorhome or just taking a scenic drive. It would also be a fun ride on a motorcycle, very fun.

The last time I was at Beaver Creek Park I was birdwatching. I recall one bush not too far off the paved road and it looked like an Easter egg tree. Little yellow warblers were perched on just about every branch. From a distance it really looked like yellow decorations.

My recent visit to the park was to explore some other areas though. There is a marked Nature Trail but we took a different hike to see an area where the park management hopes to develop a trail to a waterfall. It was a beautiful hike.

We also stopped in to Camp Kiwanis, located in the middle of Beaver Creek Park. The camp  can be rented overnight. There are cabins around the perimeter of a manicured area and a large meeting hall. Not too far from the cabins is a log chapel – do I hear wedding bells? This location would be perfect for a wedding or a family reunion.

There are several ponds or reservoirs for fishing at Beaver Creek Park and lots of small campgrounds not too far off the paved road.

If you’re driving along US Hwy 2 through Havre allow some time to check out this great recreation area.

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