Art Week in Great Falls-First Stop TownHouse Inn

When the middle of March rolls around you can feel the pulse of the art world pick up mighty fast if you are in Great Falls, Montana.

What began as a local art show named after the C. M. Russell Museum has turned in to a major draw. Hotels are filled with both art and people, other venues also have art shows and a lot of folks begin to look a little bit “western”!

We call it Western Art Week but you’ll find any kind of art there is on display around the community.

My first stop today was at the TownHouse Inn in Great Falls where the March in Montana show was setting up.

As I drove in to the parking lot I saw a crane, actually two cranes, several guys on the roof of the hotel draping a banner about the art show there (walking very carefully because of the wind), a few U-Haul trucks and lots of vehicles.

Walking in to the lobby of the TownHouse Inn was another treat.

These beautiful saddles were displayed and the amount of silver on them literally was a show-stopper! I took photos from several different angles, also a few closeups.

The main show at the TownHouse Inn is called March in Montana and it is sponsored by a Coeur d’Alene, ID art gallery.

Other galleries are represented in some of the hotel rooms that have had their furnishings removed to make room for the art.

The big screen that will be used for the auction was being tested while I was there. Wednesday and Thursday (today and tomorrow) are set for the auction preview and the dealer show.

There are two auctions scheduled – one at 11am Friday, March 15 and one at 11am Saturday, March 16.

There is no charge to attend either of the auctions which will take place in the pool area of the hotel.

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