Art Museum Celebrates Birthday

Paris Gibson Square Museum of Art in Great Falls held a fun and unique celebration last Friday – a birthday party for Dr. Seuss! All ages were welcome.

Upright rectangular boxes were covered with white paper, then characters from Dr. Seuss books were drawn on them (someone’s a good artist!). Kids of all ages could don an apron, grab some paint and start coloring the designs.

At first when we arrived it was pretty quiet. Well, that changed fairly quickly!

Snacks were provided and there was one table with Dr. Seuss books displayed.

As we left the birthday party room we decided to walk throughout the contemporary art museum. There are new displays since I was there a few months ago and I made a mental note to plan some time to go back and look again.

Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss and thanks to Paris Gibson Square Museum of Art in Great Falls for planning the party!

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