Are We Bird Hunting Or Golfing?

One thing that has amazed me on our golf journey through north central Montana is how much time people spend searching for their golf ball.

One of the guys hit a ball OB (out of bounds…yes, I’ve learned the lingo!) and we all went looking for it.

In what looked like an empty field next to the Jawbone Creek Golf Course in Harlowton we had a great surprise – we flushed a small covey of Hungarian Partridges (Huns). When you aren’t expecting that, your heart rate will accelerate to top speed!

It’s bird hunting season in Montana for Upland Game Birds so these birds got out of the way quickly. I was caught off-guard and didn’t get the best photo.

We continued with our golf game and this next photo is one of my favorites.

Harlowton is surrounded by three island mountain ranges. We had some haze the day we were at the Jawbone but you can still see one mountain range trying to peek over this high mound on the course.

This is a great shot of Loren going for that red flag. I can’t remember if he made it on the green. He was a great golfer so I suspect he did!

We couldn’t have asked for better day in Harlowton – Loren was awesome, the course was in excellent shape and the weather gods were smiling on us!

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