Another Great Montana Motorcycle Ride

If you’re a motorcycle person, there’s always a quest for another route. We have some fun routes posted on our website but here’s another one¬†submitted by Great Falls biker Moe.

Leave Great Falls, MT on I-15 north and ride to Power, MT. Turn west on MT Hwy 431 which will take you in to the small community of Power. Ride to the T intersection and turn west towards Fairfield. Keep heading west through Fairfield, cross US Hwy 89 and ride until you get to US Hwy 287. Turn left and ride in to Augusta. Moe’s suggested stop (I agree 100%) is at Mel’s Diner for ice cream. One year I even noticed there was a competition between everyone who worked there to see who scooped the most scoops!

Once your belly is filled with yummy ice cream, continue south on 287 and you’ll come to an intersection called Bowman’s Corner. You are going to turn west here onto MT Hwy 200 and ride for about 10 miles. At the next intersection, turn southeast on MT Hwy 434 and ride in to Wolf Creek. Moe’s suggestion here is to stop for gas and that’s always a good idea! Then ride the Frontage road all the way to Ulm where you’ll pick up I-15 and ride back into Great Falls. Moe’s total mileage is 195 miles.

Here’s a great testimonial – Moe says this route never fails to eliminate a bad day or, make a good day even greater. Once you take your first exit off the interstate, the asphalt just begs to be ridden. The Rocky Mountain Front just keeps getting bigger and bigger, all the while you are taking in the farm land and wildlife. Once you get further south to Wolf Creek, cruising along the Missouri River is a grin-maker all its own. Give it a shot, it is sure to please. Straight from Moe.

Thanks to Moe, and enjoy the ride!

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  1. On the way back to Great Falls, stop at Ulm and head north to the First Peoples Buffalo Jump. Excellent visitor center and lots of native American history.


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