A Tip of the Hat to Charlie Russell

In celebration of the National Day of the Cowboy, the Charles M. Russell Museum in Great Falls held an event last weekend called Saddles and Spurs.

The museum complex covers one full city block in the northside residential area of Great Falls and includes the galleries, Charlie’s log studio (including tipi poles) and the house Charlie and Nancy lived in. A sculpture garden is dispersed throughout the east side of the complex.

Even with all of the above there is still plenty of room to hold this fun event on the lawn surrounding the complex.

The first thing we saw as we walked up the the museum was two horses in a temporary corral – beautiful horses, patiently standing and letting kids and adults pet them and feed them. I urged my granddaughter to pet them but she was a bit timid and just wanted to get a good look.

There was a great opportunity to show off (or learn) some artistic skills too.

Easels were set up on the lawn with instructors, paints and pastels. If that wasn’t enough inspiration, local artists were working on paintings too. If Charlie Russell had been there, he would have been smiling!

A chuckwagon was serving food and local musician Rich Matoon was entertaining attendees with guitar, harmonica and vocals. I sat and listened…and listened.

The weather was perfect – warm and sunny and there was plenty of shade on the lawn for those who wanted to be a bit cooler.

Congrats to the Russell Museum staff for a fun free community event.

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