A Room With A View

When I went to bed in my cozy homestead cabin in Virgelle, I set the alarm clock for what I figured was sunrise time. Gosh, I’m trying to capture photos of sunrise and sunset on the longest daylight days of the year!

I wouldn’t have had to set an alarm though – the brightness of daybreak also woke me up. I’m pleased to say that I got a sunrise photo taken right from my homestead cabin porch. I’m also pleased to say that I crawled right back into my comfy bed after I took a few photos!

The one thing that amazes those of us who live where there are streetlights is how dark it really is at night.

There are irrigated grain fields near Virgelle and several farm homes. You can see a speck of light in the farm home in the back of this photo. Someone was up with the dawn, probably getting ready to go to work.

Let’s rewind the clock a bit – here’s the prior evening’s sunset. We had gone one mile down the road to where the Virgelle ferry is located. Water in the Missouri River was high so the ferry wasn’t making it’s back-and-forth river crossings. There isn’t a bridge across the river here so locals have to go considerable distance out of their way to get to the other side when the ferry isn’t running.

I did get a nice sunset photo with the Missouri River glimmering.

Sunrise and sunset – keep your camera handy when you are out exploring north central Montana!

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