A River Runs Under It

When I was in Lewistown, Montana last week I stopped in to the Montana Tavern on Main Street.

Their outdoor neon sign really captures the title of this blog – a river really does run under this tavern!

Spring Creek, which many local Montana fishermen know as an awesome fishing creek, runs near and through the town.

The Montana Tavern folks have cut a hole in the floor of the tavern in one corner and built a little “viewing area” that is about elbow height for me. It is covered with a hinged piece of plexiglass that you can lift for your fishing rod…if so inclined!

I think it’s just fun to stop in and look. And, last week, true to form, we saw several fish in the water running under the tavern.

The Montana Tavern wouldn’t consider themselves a tourist attraction for a Montana vacation but they said they get a fair amount of folks who have heard about the creek viewing area and stop in just to see it.

At the bar last week it looked like there were a few locals just enjoying a visit with friends. It was a laid back place and I think they got a kick out of me taking photos of this unique bar.

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