A Ranch With Many Activities

It’s difficult to highlight what to do at Heaven On Earth Ranch. There are so many varied activities and all would have been fun if we would have allowed more time.

We spent our time here golfing (OK, we did a fair amount of eating too) but other guests were there for fly fishing and archery hunting.

Even while we were golfing we could watch beautiful Percheron horses running in a field across the Smith River. They didn’t seem too worried about flying golf balls either.

I took lots of photos during our too-short visit to Heaven on Earth Ranch and I think this blog will be mostly a sharing of those photos!

This guest at Heaven On Earth Ranch was there just to fly fish.

A couple of his friends were upriver but he just wandered from his cabin, fly rod in hand, and fished from the shore of the Smith River near the lodge. I bet he was quite successful wading in the river and casting for those fish.

The Smith River is a tributary of the Missouri River. Fish that you might catch, if you are lucky, would be Brook Trout, Rainbow Trout, Brown Trout and Mountain Whitefish. There would be others but these are the ones you would go searching for.

We had finished our golf game and left the ranch before this fisherman returned. I suspect he had an awesome day enjoying the Smith River and this beautiful setting.

While our group was teeing off on hole #8 I turned around and saw this river floater going by. He was the only floater we saw but it is September and water levels have dropped consideraby. Most floaters probably want to do this river in June, July or August. I was envious of this guy though!

We finished our 9 holes of golf and were ready to leave Heaven On Earth Ranch.

We were now friends with the staff and other guests and, on one hand, it seems like we had been there a long time. On the other hand, that time went much too quickly.

We loaded everything in our vehicle. Almost everything – we left a little bit of our heart at Heaven On Earth Ranch and took a lot of memories with us.

We had a wonderful time.

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