A Few More Ice Cream Soda Photos

Sometimes you find something so photogenic – like my ice cream soda at Olson’s Drug Store in Conrad – that you just can’t resist sharing the photos!

The gal behind the counter creating my ice cream soda masterpiece knew exactly what to do. She said she had worked at Olson’s Drug Store for about twelve years.

Over the past twelve years she has seen several “favorites” come and go.

Many years ago, a lot longer than twelve years, cherry cokes and lime cokes used to be popular beverages to get at a soda fountain.

What’s the most requested item today? According to my ice cream soda creator it is either a chocolate coke or a marshmallow coke.

Hmmm. I have never heard of a marshmallow flavored coke but I suppose it would be very sweet.

After a LOT of hard hand dug ice cream was packed in to my glass, layered with chocolate syrup and soda, it was topped off with more chocolate.

The ice cream soda was getting pretty unwieldy. It was heavy and you almost needed two hands to hold it so I can see where it’s easier to set it down, fill a paper cone with syrup, then do the drizzling.

This is where the artistic flair can come in – and this is also where things get a bit messy. Messy is good though.

After I had a few bites of my ice cream soda I visited some more and found out that the cash register behind the counter really works and is used to ring up the sodas.

I thought it was just for decoration!

What a cool old cash register and it definitely fits with the decor of this old time soda fountain Рthe oldest, continually operating soda fountain in Montana.

If you are in Conrad take time to treat yourself and experience the good old days at Olson’s Drug Store.

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