A Day Without Rain

I did promise to not complain about all the rain we’ve had on this trip but I was mighty pleased to wake up, look out my cabin and see clear blue skies. Yes! There were a few clouds but I decided to focus on the blue and I leapt out of bed.

Breakfast was the first order of the day and tables were set long before I wandered in for a cup of coffee. Gosh, I thought I was up early!

Before we sat down to eat, I visited with another couple from California. The guy was planning on stream fishing that day and his wife was planning to relax on the deck with a good book. They have been coming to 7 Lazy P for several years and seemed so content and relaxed.

The dining room at 7 Lazy P guest ranch is lined with windows and gorgeous views in every direction. We took great delight in seeing hummingbirds at the feeders, also other birds easy to spot out the windows. We took great delight in the yummy breakfast too!

We were able to see several prominent mountain peaks from the dining room. Some were snow-capped which made them stand out and look even more beautiful. In the large sitting room of the lodge there is a painting of this area with an aerial view. Chuck explained the different peaks, how the Teton forks flow and where their pack trips ride to enter the wilderness area. The mountain peaks seem endless here.

Our group discussed options for activities and decided to do an all-day ride. The kitchen crew started packing lunches while we excitedly got ready to head to the corrals.

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