A Connection Between Dogs and Beer

I’m beginning to wonder, just what is the connection between dogs and brews?

Two fairly new breweries in Central Montana, Triple Dog Brewing in Havre and 2 Basset Brewery in White Sulphur Springs obviously felt compelled to honor the pups.

Triple Dog‘s logo proudly shows a dog balancing a pint of beer on it’s nose. The brewery is located on US Hwy 2 on the west edge of Havre. Each time I am driving by I hope that pup watches the traffic on the highway!

Beer names at Triple Dog Brewing include Dumpster Diver Stout (do you wonder if the dog does dumpster diving?), American Mutt Pale Ale (definitely a tribute to a pup here!), Fresno Wheat in honor of a nearby fishing reservoir and Duck Face IPA. I have no clue about Duck Face but maybe the dog helps with bird hunting.

2 Basset Brewery in White Sulphur Springs has built an entire theme around two basset hounds (yes, I have met both of them and they do act like they own the place).

Leroy and Stanley are the resident dogs at 2 Basset Brewery. They are inspiration for beer names, for Facebook posts and for the brewery’s logo and t-shirt designs.

2 Basset is located in the middle of White Sulphur Springs on Main Street. I’m sure everyone in town knows Leroy and Stanley although I get the two of them confused.

A few beers at 2 Basset Brewery include Bad Bad Leroy Brown (a brown ale named after you-know-who), Stanley Stout (you can figure this out!), Drooligan (oh yeah, Leroy and Stanley can do this), Chasing Blonde (my favorite), Breaking Basset (don’t go there), Festival Ale (for the annual Red Ants Pants Music Festival) and Belter (for the nearby mountain range).

I’ve decided that having a dog (or two) must lend itself to sitting around and dreaming up beer recipes.

No matter what the rationale, stop by either Triple Dog or 2 Basset and meet the pups if you have a chance.


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