the big loop motorcycle ride

Approx. Distance: 405 miles
Approx. Ride Time: 7 hours

This ride could also be called the most diverse geographic loop. Ride east from Great Falls on US 87 past Belt, turn south onto US 89 at Armington Junction rest area. The next 71 miles are named the Kings Hill Scenic Byway. You’ll ride through the charming mountain towns of Monarch and Neihart, cross Kings Hill Pass, and then into White Sulphur Springs. Take US 12 east to Harlowton and continue riding east to Roundup. Ride north on US 87 to Grass Range, then west on US 87 to Lewistown and back to Great Falls. Check out Central Feed & Grilling housed in a renovated feed store for a meal or just a cold brew from Big Spring Brewing, Lewistown’s brewery. On this route you’ll ride through the Little Belt Mountains, you’ll see the Castle and Crazy Mountains, several wind towers, cattle grazing, wheat farms, the Big and Little Snowy Mountains, Judith Mountains, a very prominent feature called Square Butte, and the Highwood Mountains. You’ll wonder why we named a reservoir Deadman’s Basin, a town Two Dot, and a road junction Eddie’s Corner. Enjoy our charm!