Allen's Manix Trading Post

Allen's Manix Store is situated on the east side of Main Street in beautiful downtown Augusta, Montana. Augusta, Montana is nestled along the east slope of the Rocky Mountain front. Allen's Manix Store (established 1974) has been in business since 1902 and has served the local folks along with all the many travelers coming to or through Augusta. When one enters into the old-fashioned country store, you are transported back through the many years as this country store has not fallen victim to the every changing themes of the times. It has stayed as it was so many years ago. Allen's Manix Store has everything from a full line of grocery, meats, produce, RX, hunting & fishing licenses, gifts, sporting goods, to many other items you may need. The motto on the outside of the store states, 'If we don't have it, you don't need it!'

Along with all the products that you can purchase, you can get 'Free' directions, fishing tips, historical information, and some stories and jokes thrown in here and there. The workers at Allen's Manix Store are always happy to serve your needs and will go the extra mile to help you out. Stop in and see all of the folks at Allen's Manix Store, a family-owned business for over 35 years. The personal store motto on their t-shirts is 'Augusta....conveniently located in the most 'beautiful spot' in the world!' That's how everyone at Allen's Manix Store feels about Augusta and you will to, if you spend some time here in the wonderful and genuinely treasured town of Augusta, Montana.

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  • Address:
  • 10 Main Street
  • Augusta, MT 59410
  • Mailing Address:
  • PO Box 244
  • Augusta, MT 59410
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