Ulm Montana

Elevation: 3,392 Population: 750 County: Cascade

Mostly ranchers and farmers populate the small community of Ulm, twelve miles southwest of Great Falls on Interstate 15. Just 3.5 miles north of town on the way to Vaughn, First Peoples Buffalo Jump State Park offers visitors a glimpse at one of the longest buffalo jumps in the United States and an educational center at the base of the cliff. Although not on the Lewis and Clark Trail, Captain Lewis described the use of such cliff jumps in detail, and the State Park's education center and interpretive trails help visitors understand this historic site.

The Smith River, one of Montana's premier fly-fishing rivers, flows into the Missouri at Ulm allowing for not only fishing, but also floating and boating on both the Smith and Missouri Rivers. Northeast of Ulm lies the Benton Lake National Wildlife Refuge. The shallow lake is situated in a basin left by the last glacier in the area and covers five thousand acres. The refuge supports many different types of wildlife and migratory waterfowl.

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