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Augusta Montana

Elevation: 4,041 Population: 238 County: Lewis & Clark

The waving prairie grasses at the foot of the Rocky Mountain Front lured cattlemen to the Augusta region early on. Today, Augusta remains a community embedded in cow town life. A visit to Augusta through most of the year will feature relaxation in the simple rhythms of ranch town life, but during the annual American Legion Rodeo, Augusta becomes a flurry of activity, the town bursting at the seams as people from all over flock to the "Wildest One Day Show on Earth."

Augusta sits in the midst of spectacular scenery. To the east, the earth stretches out in miles of undulating prairie grass. To the west the earth rears skyward along the rugged Rocky Mountain Front, and Augusta is perfectly situated as a gateway to the sprawling Bob Marshall Wilderness Complex. The complex includes the Great Bear, Bob Marshall, and Scapegoat Wilderness areas, remote and virtually untouched. Each summer backpackers, hikers, and horseback riders assemble in Augusta to explore the one and one half million acres of pristine mountain beauty.

With gift shops, lodging, and a number of delicious places to eat, Augusta perfectly combines natural beauty with Montana hospitality.

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